Writing Exercise – Let’s Use Color

May 1, 2009

I have found one of the best ways for me to keep writing is to mix it up a bit.  What I mean by that is I write blog posts, articles web pages, journalistic articles, research papers, speeches…whatever I can to learn a variety of writing styles.  Plus, I also do some personal writing where I just allow my own ideas and feelings to flow.


Because, I have learned that by writing about multiple topics and using various styles helps your writing style, helps you find your best voice, and keeps you from getting bored.  For me boredom is the kiss of death!  I’m more like my border collies – if I’m bored I will get into trouble.

So, I’m going to share one of the exercises I did in a writing group recently. It was very interesting because everyone in the room handled the same topic very differently.  If you know other people who like to write, then I recommend doing this together, and reading your results out loud.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, so no pressure.  But you will enjoy the experience much more by sharing with others.

Here goes…write about the color blue.  It does not matter how you decide to use it (a color, emotion, etc) and just free write.  Don’t edit yourself or try to make it perfect.  Just use blue and write until you feel you have thoroughly covered your topic.  It can be a couple of sentences, but a paragraph is best.  I’ll share mine below.  Hope you’ll share as well!

I watch my niece’s focus intensify as she strains to pick up a Cheerio. She’s so little and her fingers don’t always work the way she wants, so that Cheerio is not only her snack, but right now her nemesis.  She furrows her little brow, her lips turn blue, or almost purple, from pursing them so tight, and she makes this crazy little grunting noise.  I hold my breath so I do not laugh while she works so hard at picking up the Cheerio until finally – success!  She pops the annoying little circle in her mouth, and beams at me, her bright blue eyes full of life and joy…until the next Cheerio.

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