Content Equals Communication

July 6, 2009

A solid web site strategy should encompass the content. Good web content should speak to your target audience and help them understand how you stand out from your competition. Whether your company caters to the consumer or to other businesses, it is important that your content position your company foremost in the customer’s mind.

Web content must be pertinent, interesting, well written, and most importantly, current.  Customers will flee from a web site with old information in lieu of one with more updated data, even if the data is very similar or the same.  The Internet moves so quickly that your target customers are accustomed to having their information immediately, and they expect that information to be focused directly on their needs. 

An important part of the strategy is to determine the appropriate format for the content.  For example, in addition to the typical static informational pages, you will want to consider including articles, press releases, photographs, charts, customer reviews, blog posts, order forms…the list is extensive.   

Each type of content requires its own method.  Articles and blog posts need to be timely, and are usually more conversational.  Press releases have a specific format and not only reside on your web site but are typically published via an Internet service. 

The content you employ enables you to communicate more effectively to your target market and existing customers.  Spending time developing an overall web and Internet content strategy saves you time and money, and most importantly ensures your message is clear regardless of where the content resides.

The primary purpose of an Internet presence is marketing your business.  Give your target market an easy road-map to follow.  Whether reading an article on a third-party site or one of your web pages, your company will receive a higher return on your online marketing investment and greater success in converting those web browsers to buyers if you have spent time developing and implementing a web content strategy.

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One Response to “Content Equals Communication”

  1. Kerry on July 8th, 2009 8:10 pm

    Consider GB Shaw’s comment: “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

    We say we read blogs. But we skim. Once in a while, we read.

    And even after reading, many of us don’t engage enough to remember any of the content. I agree with you that fresh is critical.

    Content should be edible too. Small enough to fit on a fork. Few people pay attention any longer than that.

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