Social Networking – How Do You Act in CyberPublic?

March 13, 2009

The Today Show recently aired a program called Social Netiquette:  When poking isn’t polite.  I thought several of the rules of engagement were worth mentioning, such as:

Number 1 Rule – Treat others with kindness and respect according to U.K.-based etiquette authority Debrett’s.  So true! It is tiring that people feel the anonymity they can receive on the Internet gives them the right to be tacky. It doesn’t.

Other rules include:

Don’t give too much information (this can come back to bite you later, particularly since employers use the Internet to check into applicants)

Keep the information appropriate when posting comments.  Don’t air your dirty laundry.

Keep Poking (on Facebook) to a minimum.  Better yet, don’t poke at all.  Why would you poke someone in the first place?

It’s not candid camera, so put your best face forward and be mindful of the type of pictures you are loading. You are never sure who is looking!

You do not have to accept every invitation you receive. It’s OK to be selective about who gets access to your information.

Remember, keep it clean. The clever quip or dirty joke may keep you from landing a big contract later on.

To read the entire article, check out the Today Show’s web site at The video is worth watching as well!

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One Response to “Social Networking – How Do You Act in CyberPublic?”

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    [...] I’m not condoning putting everything you are doing on your social networking accounts (see my netiquette blog for some tips). There are some direct posting and messaging options that allow you to state things [...]

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