Picking Keywords for Your Site

May 17, 2009

Determining how to use keywords can seem daunting.  First you have to determine which keywords your target market might use to find your services or products.  Then you need to research to make sure you have keywords that are being searched for, and finally, determining your keywords and phrases based on search criteria.

Now what?

I recommend using your site map.  By having a diagram of your entire web site, you can easily determine where to use each of your keywords and key phrases.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Put your higher level keywords on the higher level pages.  These keywords are the most broad, such as leadership versus executive leadership training.  Your higher level pages would include your home page, and then any page that describes overall areas such as services, broad products, etc.
  2. Use your more detailed keywords and phrases for secondary pages.  These would be pages that go into more detail about services or products.  For example, this is where you might use leadership training.
  3. Use your key phrases to any page that describes a very specific product or service.  These are pages that typically only cover one subject or product, and do so in great detail. Think of these pages as the place where your buyers will want to go to understand in great detail what you are offering them. These pages are appropriate for a long-tail search phrase.

By outlining each of your keywords and phrases on your site map before you begin actually optimizing your web content, you will find it much easier to develop the site. The map gives you a reference point, and allows you to make sure you stay on task regarding your keywords.  Plus, your content will definitely stay on-point.

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