Is Your Voice Solid?

March 18, 2009

Are you comfortable with your writer’s voice? Learning your best writer’s voice can take time, and some practice. Honestly, I think most of us have more than one voice. Here’s why:

When you are in different social settings, you behave differently. This is not bad, or good, but reality. You will slightly alter behavior based on the circumstance (church requires a different type of behavior than a basketball game with your buds).

It makes sense that your writing style will change based on the “setting”. For example, tweeting with friends will be different than a tweet with a potential business contact.  Only slightly, but different. You will share things on Facebook with friends that you may not wish to share with a new business associate.  This is fine…and often preferred by many.

So here’s the rub: You will want to pay attention to how you write in these different settings. At the core of everything you write, or say, will be your prominent voice. It may be kind, enthusiastic, or authoritative. There is no right or wrong here, just reality.

My voice is direct – both in person and in my writing. That’s OK and often desired by people who are ready to make a purchasing decision. They want details and nitty gritty – not a bunch of fluff.  Right up my alley!

When you are writing in these different settings, pay attention to your body. Do you feel stressed or calm? Is it easy to write, or are you struggling? When finished do you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, or are you just glad it’s over?

I understand that writing to friends and family is often easier, but still pay attention to how you use your voice. It’s what comes naturally to you, and will allow you to expand your writing overall.

For a decent definition of writer’s voice, check out Wikipedia –’s_voice.

Just be true to yourself, and your natural voice. You’ll find it pays off!

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