Good Copywriting Never Goes Out of Style

March 10, 2009

I spend a lot of time researching web content writing, and one theme that continues to ring true is you can never squelch quality for anything – not for traffic, not for SEO, not for trends.  The reality is that good copy ensures that you have a way to deliver a solid message to your audience.  Period.

Everyone has a different style and a different voice, but there are always those few that seem to stand above the crowd.  I have my favorites, and I want to share them with you now!  These are copywriters or copywriting programs that I think really help you deliver a solid message.


Karon Thackston – read Karon’s blog for some great information and tips -

Lorrie Morgan-Ferraro – her latest bootcamp The She Factor gives you specific info on how to market to women –

Brian Clark – everyone probably knows Copyblogger by now, but I have found that there are also wonderful guest bloggers, like Sonia Simone . You have to check out!

AWAI – I just attended my first bootcamp – Web Copywriting Intensive – and I found the AWAI folks, particularly Rebecca Matter and Denise Ford, to be aces!  I love what they are doing and think you should take  a look.

These are just of few of the wonderful people I follow regularly.  I’ll post later on people I follow in the ares of social media, blogging and SEO. The main thing to remember, no matter what you are doing, is to stay true to your own voice.  People want to have their needs met, not be sold to, and by being genuine, you will find your copy is better and your conversions higher!

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