Friday Freewrite – Run On!

February 6, 2009

One of the best ways to ensure your writing gets stale is to stay within your box. Just because you choose a certain type of writing, whether its authoring books, blogging, or screenplays, does not mean you should only work on that one style. By branching out, you can keep your writing fresh and learn new tactics. Friday Freewrite provides small, easy writing exercises to help you break out of your box and learn more about your own writing style.

So let’s chat about voice. Your writing voice is what you say and how you say it. Pretty straight forward, right? Then why is it that many of us change our voice to fit what we think we are supposed to do, or say? Be true to your voice and you will find it easier to attract good clients, good employees, good friends…you will attract like-minded people.

Recently I learned the power of writing a run-on sentence to learn more about your voice. This is not something you would want to publish (except maybe as dialog for a crazy character), but a good exercise nonetheless. Let’s give it a try…

First, pick a topic that you have some emotion about.  The emotion does not matter, although pain emotions are more powerful. Then just start writing. Don’t stop for punctuation and try to keep the sentence going using “and” or “but”. Use the exercise to really get something off your chest!

I’ll share mine…and would love to read yours!

It never stops and just piles up and up and then on top of that he throw his stuff in the floor not in the perfectly wonderful color coded sort bins that save time because you don’t have to sort everything but can sort within the overall colors like darks and lights and then delicates and towels and sheets instead of a big pile on the floor that you have to bend over and sort into their own piles which is exhausting and makes me frustrated so I’ll just forget it and go eat a piece of chocolate cake!

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