Are You Sincere?

March 19, 2009

I recently saw bits of a company address where the new president had to convince the employees that the pay cut they were all taking was (a) in the best interest of everyone overall and (b) only temporary. Since these are cuts on the heels of other recent cuts, his audience was skeptical at best. 

As I listened to him sometimes taking the more direct, honest approach and sometimes giving the “corp speak” answer, it made me wonder “What if he just told the bottom line, this is how I feel, version?”

People are often afraid to speak their mind, either because they fear rejection or they fear being wrong. But let’s face it – more often than not it’s your opinion, basically a perspective, that you are voicing. So can you be wrong, really?

I think the key lies in sincerity. If you are speaking, or writing, from a place of manipulation, it will show. People are smart – much smarter than we give them credit for.  Particularly people who spend much time on the Internet and use it as a purchasing tool. They are savvy at searching, research, and reviewing information.

By making sure that what you say is truly sincere, it will shine through. People want to be helped, not sold to. They want to be supported, not manipulated. They want truthful information, not sales spew.

When you are writing, or speaking, to a group, make sure you understand their position. What is it they want when they read your article or blog? And are you providing it with their best interest at heart.

Obviously you need to sell your products or services. But isn’t it easier to understand your customers, identify their needs, and then deliver than waste a bunch of time and energy trying to convince them they need something they do not? I certainly think so.

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